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What makes Herrell's® special, besides making over 300 flavors of ice cream (not offered at all times)?

The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many!

Herrell's® believes that all people should be able to indulge in a frozen iced cream type dessert. People with diabetes, dairy intolerances, and allergies will always find a selection of products at Herrell's® that they can eat.

No-Moo®—Herrell's® No-Moo® is made using an Almond Milk base (contains tree nuts), and is flavored in the same way Herrell's® flavors its ice creams. It has a smooth consistency and tastes great!

No Sugar Added Ice Cream—Containing cow milk but no sugar, this ice cream is sweetened using Splenda. Its flavors are the same as our full sugar premium ice creams, but may be eaten by those who cannot metabolize sugars.

Frozen Yogurt—Herrell's® offers a soft serve version of Frozen Yogurt to its customers. It is a sweet, rich, well flavored, live cultured, frozen yogurt and can also occasionally, be purchased in pints when available. See the store list for daily flavors.

Frozen Yogurt Hard Pack—Herrell's® offers its frozen yogurt in a hard pack form as well as soft serve. If you prefer yogurt to ice cream, but like the hard ice cream style, try our hard pack yogurt.

Planning an event?

Herrell's® offers party packages for almost any size event. Customers may buy ice cream in pints, quarts, ½ tubs (1½ gallon) or full tubs (3 gallons) for parties and events. Our famous Hot Fudge Sauce is also available to purchase in 10 oz. jars, pints, quarts and ½ gallons for our customers' convenience. Speak with a staff member today to help you make selections for your event.


Do you own a business which might benefit by offering Herrell's® Ice Cream as an additional product to your menu or product line? Since we do not sell our ice cream to grocery chains, and only sell to businesses who will scoop our product, Herrell's® offers a unique opportunity to increase your bottom line. Please check with Judy Herrell or Stephan Wurmbrand about restrictions and pricing.