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Franchise Opportunities

A Special Place

Herrell's® Ice Cream offers a unique concept. Sure, these days everyone has gourmet ice cream, but at Herrell's® we know the best ice cream is handmade on the premises. Our product is fresh, rich, and delicious, using only the finest ingredients to ensure a perfectly flavored ice cream.

The Smoosh-in®, a Herrell's® innovation, tantalizes customers by allowing them to select their favorite flavor of ice cream and mix in a variety of candies, nuts, and cookies, topped off with our award-winning hot fudge. With so many options, customers can enjoy an almost infinite number of unique flavor combinations.

A visit to a Herrell's® Ice Cream Shoppe is a step back in time, recalling joyous and fun-filled experiences of childhood. Customers enjoy their ice cream in a playful atmosphere. Entertaining and whimsical signs and posters will adorn your store walls. Perhaps you’ll add a funhouse mirror to remind kids of all ages of simple pleasures. Your customers will savor and share these memories with friends and family alike.

A Reputation for Quality

From Smoosh-in®s to homemade hot fudge to real whipped cream to unsurpassed quality ice cream... Herrell's® Ice Cream has gained a well deserved reputation for excellence. We are the original and we're still the best!

As the owner of a Herrell's® Ice Cream franchise, you will be backed by this excellent reputation. You can make your dream of business ownership come true.

Do you have the 'right stuff' to run your own Herrell's® Ice Cream Shoppe?

Are you totally dedicated to providing your customers with the absolute best possible experience?

Is the relentless pursuit of perfection your mantra?

Do you love ice cream?

Herrell's® Ice Cream is proud to make our experience and expertise available to you through our Franchise Program. For details, please call Judy Herrell at (413) 517-0150. Judy will gladly answer all your questions about how you can become the proud owner of your own Herrell's® Ice Cream store. You may also write her at Herrell's® Development Corporation, 8 Old South Street, Northampton, MA 01060, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Herrell's® Ice Cream requires each franchisee to successfully complete our comprehensive training program, which includes on-the-job training in our model training store. You will also receive important training during the critical period just before and as your store opens.

Your training will include the following operational areas:

  • All phases of manufacturing and handling of our quality ice cream
  • Proper service of ice cream and all other menu items
  • Bookkeeping methods, including handling of cash and deposits, payroll, taxes, invoices, payments, and royalty reports procedures, policies, and advice for all phases of operations
  • Customer care and relations
  • Personnel management, including hiring, training, scheduling, pay policies, discipline, and good staff relations (good staff relations being the most critical part of your business)
  • All daily operations procedures
  • Analysis of income, pricing, and expenses to help insure that your business is profitable
  • Maintenance and upkeep of equipment
  • Cleaning and sanitizing procedures

Each franchisee receives the Herrell's® Ice Cream Operations Manual containing detailed procedures, policies, and advice for all phases of operations.

Our philosophy is twofold. First, the proof of the Chocolate Pudding ice cream is in the eating. How good does the ice cream taste? We think it is the best and are dedicated to preserving our high standards. Second, care for your staff and they will help you care for your business! A happy staff member will cheerfully and actively offer great customer service to your customers. This will, in turn, provide you with loyal repeat customers.

Recipes and Support

Since the proof of the ice cream is in the eating, Herrell's® Ice Cream will provide you with our best-tasting, richest, and creamiest ice cream recipes, perfected during our 35 years of experience. During your training you will receive detailed instructions as well as hands-on experience making our award-winning ice cream, including thorough familiarization with all equipment.

How and where to order your inventory of perishable ingredients and supplies is a crucial factor in your success. As you prepare for your opening, our staff will assist you in contacting various suppliers and in placing your initial orders.

Once you are in operation, a member of the franchise staff will be in contact with you on a regular basis. Areas such as ice cream making, daily operations, expense analysis, staff evaluation, and promotional ideas can be discussed.

The Herrell's® Ice Cream and Herrell's® Development staff is very supportive and is always only a phone call or e-mail away.

Site Selection

Herrell's® Ice Cream will provide you with invaluable assistance as you locate and secure a business site for your Herrell's® Ice Cream store.

We offer business advice regarding the economics of your store, such as rent per square foot, construction costs, logistics, and visual aspects of the store in order to create the structure and function of the business, plus the unique ambiance that sets the Herrell's® Ice Cream concept apart. We will provide assistance in the selection of potential designers and architects/builders who will work with you using our design models. Our experience will help you select the best location for your needs and run your store smoothly and efficiently.

What We Look For
  • An area with diverse cultural activities
  • A location boasting arts, theater, and music
  • Locations near colleges and universities with year-round educational opportunities
  • Non-seasonal and year-round general populations
  • High pedestrian traffic
  • A warm neighborhood feel

What we expect from a franchisee

  • A belief in the Herrell's® Ice Cream products and system
  • Owner operation and interest in their community
  • Respect for employees
  • Franchisor respect and communication
  • Customer service that exceeds the norm (win that customer back every time they come into your store)
  • Cleanliness and neatness
  • Desire to succeed in one's own business