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Latest News and Events

Herrell's® Ice Cream Begins Store Renovation and Opens Pop-up Location!

Herrell's® will be renovating our retail location, beginning September 18, 2016. Since ice cream is fun and important to our customers, we are opening a pop-up location to provide uninterrupted service. The pop-up store will be located inside Thornes Marketplace across from Captain Candy, near Acme Surplus and Cornucopia.

Herrell's® employees with yellow caution tape"The Herrell's® renovation is not just for a facelift," according to Judy Herrell, President of Herrell's® Ice Cream, "but to better display product we make and increase our selection of dairy desserts, No-Moo® dairy-free and vegan baked goods, No-Moo® dairy-free frozen desserts, vegan sorbets, and other specialty products. Plus, we will increase the number of ice cream flavors we carry at one time."

The new Herrell's® store will also bring back smoothies and offer frozen hot chocolate as part of our expanded offering. All manufacturing of ice cream and baking will be moving to a newly created kitchen, located adjacent to the current store.

"We will be baking goods which can be served à la mode or just as a snack, like we do now, only with a larger selection of delicious concoctions," according to Judy. Herrell's® will also offer new and exciting baked delights, and will be pursuing kosher certification.

Employees in Herrell's® pop-up storeThe last day of operation for the existing store will be Saturday, September 17, 2016. Herrell's® pop-up store will open on Monday, September 19 with a limited menu and limited hours while our retail store transforms into the new Herrell's® Ice Cream. The limited menu will include 22 flavors of ice cream, cones and cups, sundaes, and limited baked goods.

Herrell's® ice cream cakes will still be available by advanced order. For grab-and-go cakes, 24 hours is required; custom cakes will require 1 week. Please call the store at (413) 586-9700 to order. Pick up will be arranged in the pop-up store location.

The Herrell's® pop-up hours will be as follows:

  • Sunday – Noon to 6 PM
  • Monday-Saturday – Noon to 9 PM

To enter the pop-up location from Old South Street, the alleyway entrance will be open. Other Thornes entrances may also be used. The Old South Street Herrell's® entrance will not be opened.