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No-Moo® (Dairy Free)

No-Moo® non-dairy ice creamNo-Moo® is Herrell's® own non-dairy ice cream, which we've been churning in-house since 1985. It is not soy-based, but rather, is made from almond milk. For more information on No-Moo® and all our great No-Moo® flavors, ask to see our separate No-Moo® reference sheet; or refer to the Nutrition Facts page. You may also call us at (413) 586-9700 with any questions.

On your next visit, you'll be sure to find two No-Moo® flavors to choose from. And be sure to check our bakery case for No-Moo® cookies and other dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free baked goods!

Food Sensitivity Key

Contains Nuts Contains tree nuts and/or peanuts
Contains Gluten Contains gluten
Contains Eggs Contains eggs

If you have an allergy, do not eat our product. However, if you have food sensitivity, you can refer to the key to determine which frozen desserts contain nuts, gluten, or eggs. Please see our Allergy Information page for more information.


Almond Vanilla Contains Nuts

Black Raspberry—a blended ice cream made from black raspberry preserves. Contains Nuts

Burnt Caramel—made with natural caramel flavor for a butterscotch-without-the-butter experience. Contains Nuts

Charoset Contains Nuts

Chocolate—made with only the finest cocoa, tastes like a Fudgsicle! Contains Nuts

Chocolate Hazelnut—real hazelnut butter and cocoa blended smooth. Contains Nuts

Coconut Contains Nuts

Coffee—made with just the right amount of coffee for the perfect flavor. Contains Nuts

Coffee Marshmallow Swirl Contains NutsContains Eggs

Cookies ‘n’ Chocolate—Oreo cookies mixed into a chocolate base. Contains NutsContains Gluten

Cookies 'n' Peanut Butter Contains NutsContains Gluten

Dutch Orange Chocolate—a rich chocolate with pure, natural orange oil added. Contains Nuts

Ginger Contains Nuts

Hazelnut—hazelnut butter blended in for a smooth flavor. Contains Nuts

Lemon—flavored with lemon emulsion for a smooth taste. Contains Nuts

Lemon Blueberry Swirl Contains Nuts

Maple Waffle—maple-flavored No-Moo® with gluten-free waffles. Contains Nuts

Maple Walnut—flavored with maple syrup and natural maple flavor, with walnuts mixed in. Contains Nuts

Mocha Roasted Almond—a balance in flavor of coffee and chocolate, with whole roasted almonds. Contains Nuts

No-Moo® Chip—almond vanilla No-Moo® with vegan chocolate chips mixed in. Contains Nuts

No-Moo® Baker's Choice—our almond vanilla No-Moo® with No-Moo® baked goods mixed in. Contains NutsContains GlutenContains Eggs

Orange Creamsicle—a blend of pure orange oil and vanilla, tastes eerily like an orange creamsicle! Contains Nuts

Peach Contains Nuts

Peanut Butter—peanut butter blended in for a smooth flavor. Contains Nuts

Peanut Butter Banana—half peanut butter, half banana. Contains Nuts

Pear Almond Contains Nuts

Pumpkin Walnut—a great fall favorite. Real pumpkin plus our secret blend of spices and flavorings. Tastes like pumpkin pie, with walnuts added! Contains Nuts

Strawberry Contains Nuts

Toasted Almond—toasted almond taste, like they were roasted over a fire. Contains Nuts

Vanilla No-Moo® Cookies—our almond vanilla No-Moo® with our vegan, gluten-free sprinkle cookies mixed in. Contains Nuts

Vanilla Vanilla Contains Nuts