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judy and steve websiteBack in 1973, Steve Herrell had a dream: to open an ice cream store which served the highest quality, best tasting ice cream and toppings to be found anywhere.  He revolutionized America’s stagnant ice cream industry when he founded the original Steve’s Ice Cream in Somerville, near Boston Massachusetts, and thereby pioneered the renaissance of homemade, fresh, “gourmet” ice cream.  By the end of the first day in business, he had gone through his entire stock of 32 gallons.
By mechanically altering a small batch commercial freezer, Steve produced an extraordinarily rich, creamy, low-air ice cream.  He was the first person to grind Heath Bars, Reese’s cups, and other name-brand confections and mixed them into ice cream.  He introduced “smoosh-ins®” to the world and thereby gave birth to our passion for flavors such as Heath Bar Crunch and Cookies ‘n’ Cream, now classics everywhere and staples in today’s ice cream industry.   With his flavoring expertise, he created luscious hot fudge sauces to ladle onto his remarkable ice cream.  Steve Herrell and his outstanding ice cream and toppings gained national attention….and a legend was born.